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about Linda:

The biggest influence of my life was my father; a WW2 vet who never recovered from the horrors of war.  The most important moment was when I was about four and I fell and skinned both knees and ran to him and he held me at arms’ length and very seriously told me there was/is something he wanted me to always remember.  So think to remember this now: For every action there is an equal or opposing reaction.

Of the picture themes that WordPress format offered for this site is this one I chose, a chessboard; a very foreign looking one to me in fact, and this is how I see the world.  The kings and queens are what they are; the governments that rule; but we pawns need to wake up more to the fact that we are not stationary.  We have legs; or even if a few of us don’t have legs, we have will-power.

I believe in democracy because that is the biggest chance we have for changes that would do us all good. But we are foremost individuals who must continue to learn to think on our own.  My father could tell me some of the most important facts about life, but he couldn’t make me know them.  Same with you; whoever reads this.  Just try to learn more basics and you’ll go faster I think……..

Try to find a few people whose voices you trust to help you along your way.  This is what I myself do.  And don’t ever forget the importance of your own ideas; you can make big differences whether you realize it or not.  I wish I had known when I was younger what I know now at age 55, but maybe you can start knowing at an earlier age…..that we leave pieces of ourselves everywhere; that we are in the memories of others; that we can make a difference; and it is indeed a small world.

I’m a dreamer.  But I’m not the only one.

(update: I found out later that the chess board in the picture is, apparently, what is called a Tamerlane board, the design of which originated in old Persia. Nice coincidence. I found this out because I inadvertently offended a war veteran who has a job position dealing with the prevention of acts of terrorism. I had been tweeting for help for the interpreters for hours and was feeling very discouraged, exhausted and apparently a little snotty when I tweeted yet another at least partly related Twitter account. “you should be mitigating about the abandoned Iraqi interpreters”.  I noticed his previous post saying he was going to get a cup of coffee, and I added “soft chair and coffee” into the tweet.  In just a few minutes this guy came out of his chair with both arms swinging and set me straight. I felt really bad about what I’d written and “Humbly asked forgiveness”. The man immediately retweeted my apology to 900 plus other people. And I just replied that Yep, I deserved that, and he asked me if that was a Tamerlane board in my picture. I looked up what a Tamerlane board was the next morning, when my stomach ache of guilt had faded.)


January 6, 2012

It’s a Friday and I attended worship service once again, at the local mosque, to pray for the Iraqi interpreters.  I do this because it seems to impress and comfort them that I, a Christian, would go there and pray for them.  What I hear during the time when the Imam delivers his “sermon” is not so different from what I would hear in a Christian church; but today being the first Friday of the new year, he warned his congregation that this may be a year of much discrimination against the Muslims.  I think he is correct.  I think a lot of it already existed and recent events have only brought it more to the surface.

After the service I sat and talked to several women, one originally from Afghanistan.  She said she went home after 27 years away and found her relatives less practicing religion than she herself, and that they had assumed she would be drinking and smoking cigarettes by this time.  She rose early, bathed, and said her morning prayers; others in her old family household did not.  Things had changed.

Another woman told me that extremists “hijack” Islam, and make it be what they want it, but what they teach is not the true Muslim religion.  I think this is surely true, but I notice a lot of shades of grey.  It seems the gap between the most liberal and the most extreme is occupied by a lot of different folk with a lot of different ideas.  Kind of like Christianity, except the extremism Islamists sometimes exhibit is more like the Christian extremists a few centuries ago…..

Things are always changing; they rarely stay the same.


And very importantly I want to say that I think interpreters and translators are worth their weight in gold.  They are essential for peace keeping and should always kept safe in order to ensure proper translation.  If the interpreter or translator feels endangered by one party or both there cannot be an unbiased exchange of information.  What has happened to the Iraqi interpreters is a big setback to the noble business of translation.

There is a portable “translator” that will be available in the future, and perhaps the military feels it can count on this new thing, but as you can hear at this link, nothing can take the place of the interpreter/translator. http://blogproz.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/podcast-interview-with-hassan-sawaf-chief-scientist-for-saic-linguistics-on-machine-translation-and-the-future-of-human-translators/



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  1. I am Angel Dahlke I come from long line of family members being in wars the military dream I guess u could say. I have made many friends including one named Ali that touched my heart, my daughter will be getting deployed in time most likely Afghanastan or Kuwait, its people like this Brave young man that stand by our brothers, sisters mothers and fathers side while at war, for what not money, not personal gain, they risk there and there families lives. Our soldiers come home either in body bags or entacked fighting a battle for freedom, yes this thing WE ALL TAKE FOR GRANTED and now left behind to face the biggest battle ever DEATH SQUADS and the price they are paying for having our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers backs so coming from a small voice of reason from a military mom, ww2 vets daughter rip, they had our backs WE SHOULD HAVE THERES…It could very well be ur daughter, son, brother sister who has one of these brave souls watching over them.

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