Interpreters waiting for September 30th SIV deadline

The Special Immigration Visa for American allies of the Iraq was is set to expire September 30, 2013.  I keep getting worried and heartbreaking letters, like this one:

Dear Linda, hope my words meet you good. I’m typing to express my fears to you ma’am. I feel completely not safe now and feel that I might get killed at any time. The situations where I live get worse and worse day by day and even the day before yesterday 13 persons got killed by insurgents for different reasons such as; working for Americans or other religious reasons. Last night I was watching a movie with my beautiful wife while we heard a strong sound in the back yard of my house, we were so afraid because we don’t even have a gun in the house only the kitchen knifes. I looked around the house but found no one. the sound might be caused by air or by a cat even but you know what, it is so hard when you live with fears. I don’t even sleep at night recently and don’t have a good mood to joke or have fune even. I don’t know what is going to happen to me tomorrow or today or the day after. It is so difficult to live like this. I am counting down days to the 30 of September to see what is going to happen after two years of waiting. I cannot live in Iraq any more because I don’t think only about my life but about my little daughter’s life who is only seven months old. I cannot imagine her life if something wrong happened to me. Please I need your advice and nice words.

Tell me what nice words do I have for this man???

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