Death of an Interpreter

An ex-interpreter that worked with American troops has been killed within the past few days.  He leaves behind members of his birth family and a recent fiance.  He was only 25 years old.  This young man had fled his hometown after threats to his life but was followed or found in another town where he was killed.

This is all I know so far and I will update here with details as they come; but I didn’t want to wait in giving you this proof that interpreters lives are in great danger.  The “bad guys” in Iraq have sworn to kill everyone that cooperated with Americans and they hate the interpreters more than Americans themselves……..

This interpreter was waiting for a visa that did not come soon enough.  His requests for safety were not honored, and now he is gone.  His is just one more case of collateral damage.  But he should have been protected!


I have not heard back from the interpreter that reported the death of the murdered interpreter (his friend), but this does not necessarily alarm me.  The interpreter I wait to hear from does not have regular internet connection, so perhaps I will hear from him soon.

A worry is that the killers may have now also killed the interpreter I wait to hear from.  I’m trying not to think about that.


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One thought on “Death of an Interpreter

  1. it’s hard for most of the American people to understand that U.S.Military have had linguists or let say interpreters who have been left behind after the U.S.withdrawal from Iraq and they think everything has been taken care of by the U.S.Government but you and me know the truth well every time they do security check for the interpreters to get their security clearance and I can guarantee you that most of the interpreters who worked for U.S.Government if you want to count it they got a confidential security clearance wich means they are Cat 3 according to the clearance classification but there is no justice and politics is dirty as much the politicians are .

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