Meeting an interpreter in person.

I got a phone call a few days ago from an ex interpreter (Iraqi who worked with American soldiers) who had been working a minimum wage job.  He got injured and had to have time to recuperate and lost his job.  He didn’t have a next month’s rent; somebody told him about this lady who is a friend to the interpreters (me), and now we have this nice young man staying at our house.  Like many of us natives, the immigrants too often live on the edge; paycheck to paycheck. And we can turn out backs or not.

You would not believe all the work this guy is doing for me.  I have to tell him to stop.  He is definitely paying his way.

I don’t know where he will go from here, but he is welcome here for now and longer.

Bear in mind we don’t just help foreigners; we also have a wheezing senior citizen in a spare bedroom.  He’s not even a relative………. but he asked for a room. That was about a year ago and he may be here til the end.

Before the wheezer geezer we housed a disabled vet for about a year.

I wish I had room for more people.

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