A Visa Applicant’s Rejection.

Dear Sir/Ma’am

I  had applied for the SIV program in 2009 and I was granted for the Chief Of Mission Approval in October 2010. and I had the Interview at the U.S Embassy in Baghdad in (April, 3rd, 2011 ) at the U.S Embassy in Baghdad. I worked with the United States Marine Corps AND the United States Army in Iraq as an Interpreter for the last four and half year. I have had worked with two companies that support the United States Military with Interpreters in Iraq.

The National Visa Center NVC Informed me last month and told me that my chief of mission was revoked for something negative on security check. When the NVC informed me about the revocation I had to inform a lots of Army and Marines officers that I worked with in the past and they know me better. One of the Marine officers contacted an Army captain who had accused me for no reason (of stealing because there was an electric cable in my room that wasn’t supposed to be there) and he Informed the Marine officer about my two cellphones that I used to use when I was a linguist, and he informed the Marine captain that I had “Suspicious Activity” on my cellphone. But that’s because I had an Iraqi counterpart I communicated with as part of my job. I had used to use my two cellphones to coordinate between the Iraqi Army/Police Officers and the U.S Officers as well. Plus I had the phone numbers of my family as well. I have nothing to do with any suspicious activity as he said.

I really need you guys help here with me. the Terrorist and militias are looking for the people who worked with the United States Military in Iraq. I am getting threats by unknown people. I have no place to go. I can’t travel to any other country because of my family.  I already lost one of my brothers back in 2008 because of my job and I have another brother and he’s disable right now. They were attacked because of me working for the United States.  I faced the death the day I start working with the united states military in Iraq. I sacrificed my life and my family’s life as well. I have a lots of people who can provide you and with a lots of positive recommendation letters for me.

I faced the death when I was with the Marines and the Army as well. I was hit by multiple IEDs and VBIEDs and one day a terrorist in falluajh hit the truck that I was ride in with RPG I believe and my commander captain Paul Benfield was riding in the same truck with me. I faced all the threats while I was a linguist, We trained the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Police and they all knows me they know my face. Now I can’t even get a job to support my family because I will be recognized. I try to stay inside all the time or I am not safe.

I have my younger sister in high school and the school driver asked my sister and told her If I was a linguist with the Americans but my sister denied that and he didn’t believe her and told her your brother is traitor your brother and American agent he sold his country and helped the americans against his country Iraq.

I served the United States government in Iraq with dignity I didn’t steal anything. I didn’t get in touch with any terrorist organization I was straight clean with the United States Government. I didn’t refuse any mission. I didn’t refuse any order. I didn’t refused anything that my commander said to me.

All I am asking right now is to have my Chief Of Mission back on the track. I did the Interview and I waited for one year and AFTER ALL THAT I RECEIVED THE REVOCATION NEWS.

I can provide you with everything you need I can provide you with all the Information that you guys need. I can provide you the emails for the people that I had worked with for the past four and half year so you can ask them about me and get more Information.

People please please please. Don’t leave me alone and hanging like that. I need your help so bad. I am innocent. I wouldn’t fight for the Visa unless I deserved it.

Even a reporter at the National Public Radio NPR Knows about my story. I had an Interview at the NPR in baghdad the Interview was in one month before the revocation. As I told you I have no place to go and also there were more and more Interpreters were rejected for small misunderstanding with their Officers in charge OIC. I know more innocent people like me who were rejected. Please help us. Help me and help my family

Thank you, God Bless You and God Bless America.



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