Sheik Speare’s poetry. (his joke not mine)

A Human Being

by  Abdullah Ahmed


They asked me of my nationality,

They asked me of my entity.

And I ask:

Are we not all created by one God?!

In one universe! In one spacious land!

Do we not descend From Adam and Eve?!

Are we not from blood and flesh?!

Did God not give us superiority over birds?!

That hover up freely from place to place!

They answered:” yes”

Hence I reply:

I have no boundaries

I have no borders,

Faith! Faith! Faith!

All I have is faith;

Faith in my human-being

That is my entity;

Here or there I’m human,

From blood and flesh,

I’m your brother,

And you are my brethren,

Then should we not love one another!?

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