Words cannot express.

Words often do not seem good enough to explain my thoughts, but I try anyway.  News out of the Middle East has been so very bad and I wonder how I managed not to hear about all the strife before, when I managed to be oblivious to it.  I just told myself the issues are too complicated, so I would not need to pay attention.  So I understand how and why many Americans manage to be un- phased by the events in Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.  If these same things were happening here the US the whole country would be in uproar.  But we can ignore it too easily, because it is “over there”.  This is not something we should do.

We also make the mistake of hearing things with a biased ear.  A crazy “Muslim” man goes on a killing spree and we cite the religion.  A crazy US non-Muslim soldier goes on a killing spree and we do not cite religion at all.

Sixteen people lay dead in Kandahar, Afghanistan, and an American soldier is arrested and is held in American custody.  Effigies of President Obama are burned at the site of the awful deed, because otherwise-vigilantes cannot get their hands on the soldier himself who did the killing.

But they can and will get their hands on others.  In Iraq dozens of young men are being killed by Sadr’s extremist militias simply for having an American style haircut. In Iraq and Afghanistan both, anyone having connections with the United States is considered “fair game” to be killed in retaliation for lost life caused by these fruitless wars.

Was the cost of life truly worth it?  I think not.  Even after the American troops withdrawal from Iraq the killing continues.  You may not know the person that is killed, because he or she lives “over there”, but it breaks my heart because I made a decision of getting to know some of the people.  Via the internet I know maintenance guys who worked at the US Embassy and many interpreters who bonded with our American troops while working side by side.

I want no more people to die because of hatred towards America but there are continuing events that stir the pot. Americans should especially protect our allies; these people who worked alongside US troops in the  Iraq and Afghanistan wars. These people will not be forgotten and left to die without someone making noise, and one of the noisemakers will be me.  They should not be left behind to fend for themselves in such a reactionary and violent  surrounding.  It is an awful abandonment of those who put their lives at risk for America.

I would appreciate if you would call the White House comment line and leave our president a message in favor of protecting our Iraqi and Afghan allies. The White House comment phone number is    (202)456-1111      .


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