Mojo writes again. Pleading for help.

Letter to:

President of United State of American (Barak Obama), Senators, United State ambassador in Baghdad (James F. Jeffrey), Leaders of American Army, United Nation, Civilian Society Organizations, Human Rights Organizations, American and International Media, Iraqi Refugee Assistance project, The List Project, The Peace Project and who ever can help us in this matter.

My name is (MOJO) my nickname, I am (30) years old, from (Iraq-Mosul), single, I have a college degree in chemistry science, and I worked for American Army for almost (five years and six months) as an interpreter.When first the American Army came to Iraq, I was so happy because they came to liberate us from Saddam regime, and they brought the freedom and democracy to my country (Iraq), so I decided to participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I worked with American Army as an interpreter, and I was proud of doing my job to be as a linguist bridge between the American soldiers and Iraqi people, I was not listing to what the other Iraqis says that the American came to occupy Iraq.

During my work with the American Army I received several dead threat letters such as:

1)      My real name was found on Anti-American propaganda published by some terrorists groups in (Talafar/Mosul). The propaganda stated that if the interpreters on the list did not stop supporting Coalition Forces, they will be killed.

2)      In 2010 I received phone calls from unknown numbers they were saying: you are a (traitor, spy, American agent) we know who you are, and where you live, so either you will quit supporting the infidels (Americans), or we will harm you and your family.

3)      In June 2011, my (15) years old niece (my brother’s daughter) was kidnapped by her teacher from school, and convert her religion to Islam, and force her to marry her teacher who is about 29-30 years old.

Her father (my brother) was also working with American army as an interpreter in that time but he quit right after the incident to take care of rest of his family and start look for his daughter.

After that my brother reported what have happened to the local police and also he reported to the American Army but it was all useless, because the kidnapper was well protected by (Al-Sader) militia and no one could capture him.

After the kidnap for about a month my brother received a phone call from the kidnapper saying do not bother yourself for looking for her, you will never find your daughter, and the kidnapper said : we kidnapped your daughter because we warned you and your brothers to quit supporting the Americans but you did not listen to us.

I believe that my niece is dead because until now we have not heard anything from her, until present day we get threat phone calls and messages from the kidnapper.I have a copy of most of the police investigation paper works for kidnapping of my niece and I gave a copy of it to the American embassy in Baghdad during my visa interview.

My family is well-known in my Town that we are close friends to the Americans, because me and two of my brothers we were working for the Americans and we were, I can say the first people who start working with them in 2003 Mosul.

Because of the dead threats, we applied for the immigration program, in 2010 I applied for the SIV as the first step and because of my niece kidnapping situation, I contact the American embassy in Baghdad and I had an expedite visa interview in August/2011.During the interview I explained for consulate officer that me and my brothers in big danger and we get threats from the kidnappers, even that I possess about 12 recommendations and certificates of appreciation from high ranking officers in American army that shows how loyal I was in my job and for American army and it shows that I am poses no threat to national security or safety of United States. But the staff at embassy said: your visa will take at least 8 months to be issued.

The purpose behind me writing this letters is:

1)      Visa delaying.

2)      Dead threat that I face as an interpreters in Iraq, because the American left and we have no one to protect us now.

3)      Some militia statements such as (Moqtada Al-Sader), (Hezb Alla), (Asab Al-Haq) and (Jaesh Al-Mahdi) and their sympathizers that they will continue fighting the Americans who been left in Baghdad and who ever support them.

I believe that it is too easy for those militias to hunt us, because in 2009 during the security agreement between the Iraqi government and the American government we (interpreters) signed documents stated that we have to pay taxes to the Iraqi government, and I believe the reason behind that was; so the Iraqi government can have our information such as our full name, address, phone numbers, etc. by the way (interpreters were the only employees in Iraq that paid the taxes to Iraqi government until present day.

4)      It is hard for us to find job in Iraq and feed our families after the American left because people in Iraq they see us in different angle (traitors, agents, spies).

5)      Whoever knows that I was an interpreter they ask me those questions: why are you still in Iraq? Why your friends (Americans) left you behind? Are not you afraid to be killed by terrorists?

To be honest when I heard those questions it is really hurt my feelings, and makes me feel sorry that I participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

                        Please AMERICANS DO NOT LEAVE US BEHIND…………
Kindest Regards
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