Donkeys, Dogs and so called Terrorists

What do they have in common?  Someone with power cares enough about them to take them to safety.  The Marines mascot “Smoke” is an adorable four-legged friend who now lives in Nebraska. Adorable puppies “Mama” and “Boris”, that belonged to a deceased soldier are now in Michigan. More precious doggies were brought to America through a group called “Operation Baghdad Pups”. I am glad about that.

If you have the power (which I do not) it is good to remove anyone that is being oppressed or otherwise attacked, killed or injured within a war-torn place.  There is a People’s Mujahedeen Organization of Iran that ran into northern Iraq in the old days after the death of the Shah and have a camp called Ashraf there. They have been under strong attack from Iraqi militias and just about a week ago (2/11/12), this group was relocated to safety into housing at an empty military base (Camp Liberty), outside Baghdad. This was arranged under the name of the United Nations. And so……because the United States is part of the UN, it has now helped a group that is on its list of “terrorist threat” groups to have safety.  Good that anyone should have safety in war I say………. and innocent until proven guilty.

But what about our allies, the Iraqi interpreters that our government left behind when the troops withdrew?  They are still over there and some have been murdered.  Some are in hiding in neighboring countries, but some unable to move away because of circumstances; they are constantly threatened.  Please if you have not; read their stories here at the link in the black bar above…..  How? How can our government  allow that they run here and there dodging danger? ……bombs going off ten feet from the front door of the family’s home? ………a daughter kidnapped and the torment of phone calls afterward?……….one living in a cave in the snow of the mountains near the border of Turkey; going insane and freezing with his dog there with his cans of tuna…………  How can our government not help these interpreters???  How is it that it could not put THEM at Camp Liberty or one of the now abandoned bases?  Where are you my fellow citizen?  Tell them this is not acceptable.  The White House comment phone number is (202)456-1111.


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