Liability of your presence.

The vast majority of interpreters are still waiting. A few of the interpreters have recieved visas. Some have been rejected but given no reason why; this, after they have been shot at for years while assigned to combat units.  Am I going to believe those that make these decisions have it right this time after they let known terrorists into the country previously?  They were too lax before and so now they give a thumbs down to a person who traveled into Iran five years ago visiting their wife’s sister??  Seems like the interpreters have to pay for the state department’s mistakes.

If you are American you have no comprehension of what this waiting is like.  Imagine a bomb going off ten feet outside your front door; it breaks the windows out of the house, ruins your car and sends your grandmother to the hospital.  The next day you’re on your way to relatives’ who may or may not want the liability of your presence………

Imagine having your child kidnapped and the kidnappers call your home and taunt you. Keep imagining because it gets worse and worse and no one makes a move to help you.


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