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I’m an afghan interpreter who has worked with US Army since 2009,
Our lives are in danger like iraqis too, we can’t go home or do anything else… once the US army leave afghanistan then we will not be able to get another job, cuz we are considered as spy among the people…
I,ve applied for SIV COM Approval about 10 months ago but I’m not responed yet…
I’m requesting from US Government Officials to consider us as their friends and the people who were keys for the missions and pull us out of Afghanistan…
Thanks you very much…

My own comments: This guy Jack is wise to be worried. The murder of the abandoned Iraqi interpreters and even some unsuccessful attempts on their lives continues. The US government is not protecting their lives while it takes much too long to make the decision if they will be allowed into the United States or not.  It takes over a year on the average for the government to make that decision. Those that are refused to be brought to safety are not told why, although they are still marked for death…..after they have already risked their lives for years alongside American soldiers.

Other nations involved in the invasion of Iraq took their interpreters with them to safety when they withdrew troops.  America did not. As America did when they withdrew in the Vietnam War, and previous entry into Iraq, the those Iraqi natives that helped America were left behind to fend for themselves.  So this Afghani interpreter has heard what is happening to the Iraqi interpreters, and he sees the writing on the wall, and we should all see the writing on the wall and be outraged that this is being allowed to happen. Yet again.

I believe a translator or interpreter should be highly valued and protected.  They studied English, in many cases, in order to play a role in keeping peace.  Their identities should be protected, and yet the Pentagon at one time ordered the Iraqi interpreters to not wear masks, and the unit commanders also asked the “terps” not to wear masks so as not to “freak out” villagers as they came into different areas.  So common sense and general rules in the world of translation/interpretation were disregarded, as the value of these lives were also.

The Iraqi interpreters (and very probably the Afghani ones) prevented a lot of death on both sides of the conflict.  Soldiers have testified that their “terps” saved their lives on many occasions.  And yet most of the soldiers I have spoken to are afraid to have their names published even if they tell me they want their interpreters to be taken now to safety and sometimes write anonymous letters asking this .  They have been told to be quiet about this, so they write to me and tell me of their anxiety and guilt.

And what about you my fellow American?  I’m not so young and strong anymore, but there is no way I can be quiet about this.  If you ask me what you can do about it all I tell you is that you should call your representative and complain about it.  I don’t have a better idea at this point.  I really wish a group of people like those in the Occupy movement would get behind this……I don’t see now anyone can tolerate it.  I hope it is not because these people look different than many of us or have a different religion.

And what people in any country are going to trust Americans?  When are we going to learn??

And PLEASE go to because that group has been working on this heartbreaking problem for a long time and show your support!!


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2 thoughts on “Afghan interpreter thinking ahead.

  1. I am Afghan national (Mar/09/2012)
    My life is completely at risk due to my employment services with U.S military and coalition forces in Afghanistan. I am not safe as my family members are receiving consecutive direct and indirect threats due to my employment with Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. The Taliban and Al-Qaida are distributing night letters and warning all local employees with employment with Coalition Forces to quit jobs. If not, we will be punished with execution or assassination. My family members are receiving suggestions such as your son or brother should quit job before you or him are killed. Due to these threats they are mentally affected and are asking me to stop performing my employment with Coalition Forces.
    I worked on behalf of U.S. and Coalition Forces as a manager and administrator of NGOs from 2003-2007 in Afghanistan. Then I have started my employment services as interpreter and translator with U.S military and coalition forces at military bases from 2007-2011 in different provinces, Afghanistan.

    I have extremely done my best over the past seven years for a better and brighter future for my country and took part in reconstruction and rehabilitation to bring peace to the region.
    Finally (8 months ago) I applied for SIV-COM program to ask for a waiver to be granted immediate asylum for my family and I through this golden opportunity but due to unspecified reasons Chief of Mission designee is not able to estimate how long the case review will take for each individual case at US Embassy Kabul.

    Realities; “sometimes interpreters who go on leave never return, killed on leave while visiting his or her family”. “without Interpreters many more of US- troops would be coming home in body bags” “Many of US citizens as sons and daughters have returned home safely because of the interpreters skill”. “Interpreters are always the bridge in between the US force and local nationals”. US has really decent and loyal personalities I used to work with but the decision makers are drinking coffees at their offices and doing nothing for USA.

    Eventually; I have decided to go illegally to humanist country for asylum. Waiting for U.S immigrant visa is just deceiving family and self and its too great a risk for me and my family as we are on the edge of death.

    Yours very sincerely;

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